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Welcome to Your Own Moment Bespoke Ceremonies.

Celebrancy is a less formal and more personal alternative to a traditional religious service, my aim is to provide your Ceremony with words that encompass how you want your own Celebration, whether you want religion, traditional words, or something completely different, that is absolutely your choice, your Ceremony is yours and as such – will be beautiful and unique to you.

I will work with you rather than for you, your moment is exactly that – Your Own Moment.


Weddings and civil Ceremonies.

In times past, weddings have been conducted by religious bodies or registrars, whilst a marriage or civil partnership still, for the moment, have to be legally declared with set vows and oaths by clergy or registrar, there is a set format to this, as your celebrant, I will conduct your celebration to your own specifications.


Vow Renewals.

Vow renewals are no longer required to be conducted by members of the clergy or registrars, legally married couples are already married in the eyes of the law and as such, a vow renewal can take place without any further legalities and your special celebration is unique to you.

You will be able to say the traditional vows you made at your wedding or say something completely different, your vows and promises are yours and special to yourselves.

I will work with you to make sure that your ceremony is exactly how you want it to be.


Naming Ceremonies.

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Your child is a new and welcome member of your family and community, your ceremony may consist of a few people or many people, bestowing the child’s name in a rite of passage that suits you.You may wish to keep it simple with few people present or be happy presenting him or her to their wider community where everyone is involved in the ceremony.

Your baby naming ceremony will reflect how you wish to welcome your child.



I believe that everyone in life is a unique and wonderful person, each person has their own style and personality, my aim is to conduct the most fitting and uplifting service for your loved one, to celebrate all that they brought to your life and to others, to give them a beautiful service which they themselves would have wanted.

I will work with you and your funeral director to ensure that your loved one’s life will be remembered in a way that honours their memory.


Divorce Ceremonies.

More and more people are now celebrating their divorces, seeing their new independence as a new start to their lives, having taken all the learning from their experience and going forward to make a brand new and exciting new life.

Marking the divorce as the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one, making your own promises to yourself and others to now go forward is positive and enabling.